Thursday, September 13, 2012

Amanda M...Day 233

Food: Well, today was a shit show. It was 'employee appreciation day' at work and they had the Super Duper Weenie truck come by and make us lunch. I had a hot dog, burger and fries. It was free...sue me. Plus I'm getting in my lack kicks before the paleo challenge next week

WOD: bench and row sprints. Bench wasn't as heavy as I would have liked but still good. Rows were the best I've done in a while. Stayed under 1:30/500m time each round...I think between 110-130m average

Pumpeddddd for Monday!! Cant wait to get this contest underway.


  1. Did you get the deer antler stuff when you signed up? Are you trying it? I don't think its doing anything.

  2. No I didn't! I talked to Dr Jaime--the CFM nutritionist and she said not to waste my money on it. So, you might want to cancel that. I believe they automatically charge and mail you 3 months worth every 90 days.