Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Amanda M...Day 66

Before I begin, I'll just let you guys know that I had to accompany my mother to NYC for the day. I barely had any water and didn't eat as often as normal.

Sleep: Normal

Breakfast- turkey bacon sweet potato burger with fried egg on top
Lunch- my mother and I went to this place called 'The Bread Factory'.........there was pizza, sandwiches, stirfry, pastries and THANK GOD--a salad bar. So I grabbed some spinach, peppers, onions, chicken, egg and some balsamic vin
Dinner- took home a piece of cake from the bread factory...ate that haha

WOD: I was supposed to take a rest day since I was in the city all day but I was home early enough to hit up the 630 class so I did lol
Pushups/ring rows- 5 min
40/30/20KB swings and abmat situps RX 6:30
Row 1200 m in 5 min....not bad for no water and walking and traveling around all day

Night all

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