Monday, March 26, 2012

Maria Week 10 Day 1

Hey Everybody!  Did you miss me?  I have been off the grid all weekend.  Confession time.  I totally overate.  It was all paleo food, but a lot of nuts, avocado, bacon, things I don't normally eat and I feel disgusting.  Today, I got into some chocolate and I had 1/2 donut.  It KILLS me to admit that to everybody, but I am really trying to be honest and accountable.  It seems like I go through this every month, I just go nuts for a few days.  I know it is hormonal.  I had a banging headache all day and whenever I feel sick I think sh**ty food is going to make it better.  I have no resolve.  So there it is, the ugly truth.  I want tomorrow to be better-  My food is prepared and packed up.

WOD: A1.Bench Press 4x3- 115/120/120/120 A2. Pull Ups 4x20
HPC ladder 1-5 7 minutes- I have no idea how far I got, after my hand ripped open and I started bleeding, I could not really concentrate....

Glad sectionals are over- I Rx'd every workout which for me is a victory!  I am happy...


  1. Maria don't kill yourself over it. It's no big deal. Hell I ate 3/4 of a Funny Bone cake this weekend and loved every bite of it. Just get back on the wagon tomorrow and stay strong...YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. It happens to the best of us. Even Dr. Jaime told me that every once in a while you have to splurge. You can't give up something forever. Get back on track and leave it behind you.

  3. tomorrow is a new day thats the beauty of time... you always have tomorrow! you have been doing great!!!