Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Amanda M...Day 51

Sleep: 1030-630...I must have woken up once because my fan was on and I didn't turn it on before I got in bed lol I'm like a furnace, I overheat like crazy.

Food: Same as usual. No cake in a mug tonight, I need to stop eating those so much lol just because it's paleo doesn't mean its okay to eat all the time, unfortunately.

WOD: 10, 9, 8...1 65# clean, jumping pull ups and box jumps (3 45# plates) Getting ALOT stronger on the pull ups, its very exciting. A month ago, I couldn't even hold myself up on the bar but now I can. I think I'll start using the bands soon.

I can officially pull my pants off without unbuttoning them. Needless to say, its getting annoying having to pull them up all the time when I'm walking. I look like a slob haha Going shopping on Friday for new pants. If you haven't heard of Retail 101, I suggest you check it out! It's this store in Beacon Falls that sells brand name clothing for between $5-$25. Everything is from just a few months ago (all the leftover stock that stores didn't sell) so they aren't outdated. Its only open 1 week every month or so and its all happening this weekend!



  1. awesome job and info on the clothes!!!

  2. I AM SOOO JEALOUS!!!! Good for you! I am definitely going to check out that store WHOO HOO

    P.S. Dr Jaime told me I am not allowed to eat paleo cake in a mug. I abuse them! :-(