Monday, March 5, 2012

3/5....James P

Hello All,

Sleep 11-7:30am
no WOD today back is still really sore from Friday morning twisted it on the squat cleans. Feeling better today will go for a light run after work.

Stress: same

7:30am adrenal tincture and relax tone homeopathic remedy.
9:00am protein shake and black decaf coffee after
10:00am cucumber slices
12:30pm spinach salad, with red and green bells peppers, 1 chicken breast. 2 thin mint Girl scout cookies. fish oil and multi vitamin.
2:00pm small chicken chili
3:30pm carrots and 1 serving raw almonds

4:30ish way home from work usually grab coffee...going to go with a tea.

tonight chicken breast and asparagus for dinner.

Back to the gym in the morning. I met with my Naturopath on Friday. I have been taking this adrenal and blood pressure tincture. December I was 130/80sh and weighed 223lbs this past Friday I was 122/64 and weighed in 212.

I had a few cheats over the weekend and I wasn't perfect on vacation last week so Its time to get back down to business. Goal is to get to 200-205 by end of March or down a pant size. I am not so worried about the weight more about how I look. I have not lifted like this in 10 years so I am sure muscle is being put on as well. I just know what pant size I fit in at 200lbs! Either way feeling good even though I did cheat a bit on vacation (not horrible). Really excited to be turning the corner to better health and wellness!


  1. Good job man! Keep fighting you WILL achieve your goal!

  2. nice job James


  3. OMG that is great!!!! It is nice to see your hard work pay off