Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 57

This weekend was tough.  I did 12.4 on Friday night at 7:30pm (absolutely choked by the way, worst Games WOD by far...very disappointing).  Then I had level 1 coaching training all weekend at CFM...had to do Fran.  I was hoping for a low 3 minute time but there was no body was toast from 12.4 the night before.  I finished somewhere around 4:20-4:30 which I was still very happy with.  I was in the first wave and I finished 2nd in my wave.  I must admit that though I was beat up bad from 12.4 Jay has me conditioned so well that I still kicked ass.  I also had to do another WOD on Sunday which also sucked but whateva.  We really do have it good with not only one of the best programmers and gym owners in the business, but we also have a great team of coaches and members.  I absolutely LOVE our box!  I'm at the point of icing my wrists 2-3 times a day...they just absolutely kill.  I can't wait to get 12.5 finished and take a rest.  I got a little over zealous coming down the stretch, first with the Powerlifting Comp, then with the games coming soon after that.  I was warned about over training and a couple times I clearly knew I was...but when your so close to accomplishing your goals nothing will stand in your way.  I can't wait to see how much better I will be at CrossFit this time next year...I WILL make it to regionals in 2013!  I did in fact order that Nerra Cleanse and I will be starting it on Sunday or next Monday.  I will do a few light WODs this week but nothing too demanding but I'm resting until Wednesday...then probably hit some cardio.  I obviously plan on destroying 12.5 since I sucked ass on 12.4 and I want to go out with a major score so I don't look like a clown...we'll see!!!

Breakfest:  1 black coffee, 1 tall water, baby spinach salad w/4oz chicken and 4oz of Tilapia
Snack 1:  1 serving of raw almonds
Lunch 1:  8oz of TJs Soy/Ginger Cod fish w/grilled garlic spinach
Snack 2:  1/2 sliced orange bell pepper, 1 VitaCoco
Lunch 2:  grilled garlic and red onion w/ground turkey and mini tomatoes w/sliced black olives over chopped summer squash.  (This is what I'm bring to our little pot luck hoe down on Thursday night...yum yum!)
Snack 3:  1 avocado, 1 green tea
Dinner 1:  8oz of Tilapia w/veggie medley (grilled summer squash, broccoli and green beans)
Snack 4:  1 serving of raw cashews
Dinner 2:  I might just pound a Paleo kit and go to bed...I'm still destroyed from the WODs all weekend


  1. duuuuuuude- you are so hard on yourself! You are a great athlete, don't let one WOD make you question that. Sorry that I am going to miss that DEE LISH dish for potluck night.... :-(

  2. Your doing great dude, dont let one WOD get you down.