Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amanda M...Day 44

Sleep: Awesome...back to my normal sleeping like a rock habits. 10:30-6:30

Breakfast- scrambled eggs and bacon
Snack- almonds and raisins
Lunch- chicken with sweet potato, zucchini and onion
Snack- red peppers
Dinner- bacon and sweet potato turkey burger over spinach.
While I was cooking the bacon, I probably consumed like 3 strips just from all the nibbling I did. I couldn't help myself!

90 sec rows 466m/440m/422m....man those SUCKED and it doesn't help to have Colin watching behind you lol I guess I should be thankful...kept me from slacking
8 jumping pullups...was standing on one 45# plate and kind of held myself up there for a second to hopefully help my progress
20 DU's...found a new stride tonight with these. Changed up how I jump and it helped IMMENSELY!

How are all you guys managing with girl scout cookies in the house?! I didn't buy any this year and when I saw those girls standing outside of stop n shop Sunday, I avoided them like the plague.


  1. I totally avoided making eye contact with the "scouts" outside of Stop and Shop. I know better than to have those in the house!

  2. I had order some before I found out about my "problems". I did indulge and nailed a few boxes. Glad that's over!!! Was it worth it...kind of...LOL!!! After not having milk and peanut butter for almost a month and then eating those cookies, the next morning I could immediately tell that I do have a serious allergy to them. I looked like I drank a 30 pack of beer the night before...I was all swollen and bloated. Now I know!!!

  3. Wow thats insane! It's crazy how you dont notice their effects until you go without them for a while.

    My roommate has 7 boxes coming in soon, I'm going to have to tell him to keep them in his room haha or else they are going to disappear on him