Thursday, March 15, 2012

3/15....James P

Sleep: 10-5:45 had a good night of sleep
Stress: not bad little afternoon stress busy day at the office.

pre wod: Shake , adrenal complex, relax tone
6:30am Wod 14:00 with 53% KB did vups and leg raises
Post wod: 5 chicken meatballs, water
10:00am: paleo muffin, decaf coffee
12:30pm: Mixed greens, bell peppers, 4-5oz grilled chicken. small cup of Tuscan pork soup(from soup thyme in Monroe). fish oil, multi viat
3:00pm : green bell pepper strips and cucumber
5:00pm: decaf coffee
6:30pm: Split chicken breasts, steamed Kale and asparagus

drank a bunch of water throughout the day. Felt great today. Having my snacks ready to go has made such a big difference. I see others in the office(I used to do the same) not be prepared and they end up eating just garbage. This assessment has really trained me to think before I put anything in my mouth. I never thought I could become this type of eater, but I am really concious of whats going in these days.

Seems like everyone is dialed in! Everyone have a healthy weekend!

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  1. awesome job!! hear your looking great- cant wait to see you on thursday!!