Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3/27....James P

Sleep: 11-545

pre Wod: Shake
6:30am WOD
Post Wod: ton of water didn't end up eating until 9ish
9ish: Veggie omelet no cheese, decaf coffee
12:00: cup chicken chili, spinach salad with cucumbers and orange bell. chicken breast
3:00: cucumber and pepper strips
5:00: decaf coffee on the ride home
7:00: Cornish Hen, asparagus and carrots

as I write this I realize I didn't drink enough water today or the past few days for that matter. Definitely something I need to focus on going forward. One more day and vacation here I come! Overall feel great. I still need to meet with Jay for my measurements, but just have not had the time to get in later in the day to get it done. I guess the important thing is I feel allot better than I did 65 days ago, 6 months ago...ect ..ect

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