Monday, March 19, 2012

Amanda M...Day 57

Sleep: Slept solid, woke up feeling like absolute shit. Headache, sore throat, stuffy nose...not fun. I haven't been sick all season! I think it was a combination of poor sleep and horrible diet from this weekend. Damn!

Breakfast-scrambled eggs with ham, turkey and broccoli
Lunch- chicken with red peppers
Snack- Carrots
Dinner- salad from stop n shop....two girl scout cookies. I caved, I couldn't hold out any longer lol

Went grocery shopping tonight...tomorrow begins my no egg diet. Side note: I get WAY too excited when red peppers go on sale. Very excited that all the fruit and veggies are starting to go on sale :-)

New 1 rep max for my power clean...155#!! I tried and failed at it quite a few times but Jay was there coaching me through it and I finally got it. I had no problem getting it high enough, just couldnt get my damn elbows thru. My mind takes over control way too easily

Bench: 4x4-5...95/105/105/110. Felt a bit weak on these today
Pull ups: 4x15...jumping pullups
4 min AMRAP power cleans: I went for in about 15 pulls. Not bad! Traps are killing me already though


  1. way to stay with it and get it done!! awesoem!!!

  2. Good job A-Bomb! When you got Jay up in your face you usually perform better.

  3. Great job- you are strong as Sh*t!