Sunday, March 18, 2012

Amanda M...Day 54, 55 & 56

Oh hey there guys...I've been MIA all weekend and with good reason...well kinda haha I was in Boston celebrating St. Patricks day weekend. There was a lot of drinking and eating so to say I cheated this weekend would be an understatement. Booze....nachos... Sheppard's pie pizza (delicious!!)...pasta...ugh! It was a horrible weekend but I am ready to get back on it tomorrow. But on the bright side, I got to sleep in til 11 on sat and sun which hasnt been the case for such a long time. Felt amazing lol

Very excited for tomorrow's WOD...I threw up my 1 rep max clean about 6-7 times in a row last week so I'm excited to see how far I've come!

Off to bed!

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