Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amanda VF Thursday

My husband has been out of town in Vegas all week and I am exhausted. I have to give kudos to all of those single parents out there! It is really hard to do all the kid stuff by yourself for a prolonged period of time. 9:00 shake and supps 1:00 stuffed red pepper cross cuisines 6:30 plantain stuffed chicken cross cuisines 9:00 cake in a cup needed a sweet fix! No WOD. I'm really feeling not being able to exercise this week. I'm hoping I can go tomorrow otherwise it is 12.2 as my first workout since Sunday. Not good. Night


  1. How was the cake in a cup?? Did it hit the spot?

  2. It was good, but I don't think I mixed it well enough. Also, did you melt the coconut oil first? I may have cooked it a bit long so next time I'll try 15 seconds less. But definitely cured my craving! Thanks for the tip!