Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh yeah...

This is gonna be quick...
WOD: cardio
400m run
1000m row
200m run
250 DUs
200m run
10 minute aerodyn
200m run
Mucle up pratice...1 warm up 5 full out attempts...0 reps.  SO CLOSE..SOB!!! 

Slept like crap, just a million things going on and being pulled in every direction but still getting it down.  Stress...yes.  Food all good except plan b tonight which still wasn't bad...pretzel burger w/sweet potato fries.  No dessert :(  Have a marathon day tomorrow ending with some real good people...all of you guys and girls...HAA!  See you tomorrow night peeps!


  1. So sad I have to miss tonight :-(

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