Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amanda M...Day 53

Sleep: Went to bed late because I was up all night baking and frosting! 11:30-6:30

Food: Normal. However, after the WOD I had to run some errands so I stopped at Wendy's on the way home...NO WORRIES! I only got a chili lol I think the woman taking my order was a little shocked that that was all I was getting

6 min of Hang Power Clean: 1 rep every 30 sec. I got up to 145# but we ran out of plates! Did about 6-7 reps at that weight. Went up easy...really wondering what my max is now since that was my power clean PR!!!

150 KB swings at 55#...20 situps whenever we stopped. Took about 15 minutes. It was horrible! But definitely glad I went with 55...was tempted to go lighter

New blog post!

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