Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maria Week 7 Day 3

So I went to bed early(9:30p- early for me!), and planned on doing the 5:30 am WOD.  Well my son was up all night coughing and since I am such a light sleeper, it kept me up all night.  So today was a rest day.  DYING to know what WOD 12.3 is.

7:15am- paleo pumpkin muffins
10am- 2 C Kale, 1 oz turkey breast, 1/4 tsp fish oil
12:30p- paleo chicken enchilada stew over cauliflower, 1 pickle
3pm- 3 oz whiting fish, 2 C asparagus, 1 C grape tomatoes, 1 tsp olive oil
5pm- mix of raw pumpkin seeds, raw brazilian nuts, and raw cashews (unmeasured)
7pm chicken breast and turkey pepperoni (unmeasured), 1 cucumber, 2 TBSP almond butter
sleepytime tea with stevia

 I ate too much fat today, I was really wanting to munch today I think that when I am not very busy at work I look for food.  When I am busy I don't even think about it.  Low stress today, nervous to find out what the WOD is going to be!

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