Friday, March 2, 2012

Amanda M...Day 40

Hey guys! Blogging early...I took my rest day today in order to be good to go for tomorrow's comp WOD so I have all this extra free time during commercials. Definitely watching food network...aka food porn.

Sleep: Woke up at 1am and had a hard time falling back asleep..mind was definitely racing about this 12.2 workout!

Food: The usual. Going to the movies is going to break my heart not being able to go down to Target to stock up on pretzel M&Ms and pringles. Oh, and york peppermint patties...ughhh

It's my 2 year anniversary!!! Was hoping to be a lot further in my progress than I am but am still 100% proud of how far I've come. Check out my blog for the back story...

Woo-hoo! 2 years ago those pants barely buttoned on me :-)


  1. OMG..AMAZING! I am so shocked and impressed!

  2. WOWWWWWWWEEEEE!! That is incredible! You look fantastic- get some tighter clothes on in the gym so we can see those curves girlfriend!

  3. Seriously! That's amazing! And I agree with Maria! No more baggy, oversized shirts at CFM :) you gotta get out of your comfort zone and show off your figure.

  4. Thank you thank you! Your support means the world to me :-)

    haha I do love my baggy clothes! They are going to be hard to give up, but I will try

  5. Fantastic job Amanda. I'm so proud of you! All that hard work pays off doesn't it? GO A-BOMB!!!

  6. you hottie!!!!!i agree with Maria show off a little more girl you worked hard!!!!!