Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amanda M...Day 60

Woo hoo two months in! This is about when I start to fall off the wagon. I usually go full force for 2 months then once I start feeling good I let my old habits kick back in. Definitely been snacking on chocolate alot this week and I know I'm going to be tempted with alot of bad things this weekend. I have no desire to binge out on McDonalds or anything but I definitely want some nachos in my mouth asap. Parents will be in town and they always take me to get mexican....the good thing about this whole process is that my stomach shrank like crazy so even when I cheat, I cant eat much.

Anyway! Sleep: good, finally. This cold is starting to break...slept solid last night for the first time all week

Food: same...paleo potluck was AMAZING. I need everyone's recipe of what they brought in tonight! It was all so delicious

WOD: got up to 145 for the back squat. Wasn't a crazy hard workout...was a nice break from all the damn running thats been happening lately!

So nice to see everyone tonight...keep up the great work. Only 10 months left :-)

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