Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Amanda F - Done with traveling...

Hi all.  I apologize for not blogging for the last several days.  Believe it or not, I was essentially cut off from the outside world with no TV and no internet access.  It was awful!

Although most of the time I was traveling I ate fairly well and did really well at avoiding sugar, starting Saturday, all went downhill.  It all started Saturday morning when I was alone, with noone to to judge or for me to be accountable for my actions, I had a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich and a Diet Coke....for breakfast.  The day progressively got worse as I spent it in Columbia, MO (Home of the 2nd Seed Missouri Tigers).  I proceeded to eat nachos, fried pickles, chicken wings, soft pretzels, and many, many vodka cocktails.  Not good at all.  I haven't drank in such a long time, plus the fact that I had been off sugar for 3 WEEKS, I felt absolutely awful on Sunday.  But, instead of getting back on track, I proceeded to have another Diet Coke and Doritos for breakfast and then Soft tacos for dinner. 

Since my weekend, I have been ridiculiously stressed at work and haven't been to get prepared to eat well or do a WOD.  Both of which I should really being doing to manage my stress better.  I feel terrible.  I am light headed, exhausted and nauseous most of the day.  So lethargic I could hardly care about anything that I'm doing.  Apparently, eating well and most importantly, avoiding sugar, has an impact on my overall mood and phyiscal feelings.  So despite the fact that my stress level is at an ultimate high, and probably will continue to be through the end of April, tomorrow I am pulling it together and will be sugar free again.  Plus, I will go to CFM Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and then Saturday at 7am to do WOD 12.4!  My goal is to be sugar free for one month; March 14th through April 14th, which happens to be my son's second birthday.  Then at least I won't feel too bad sharing a piece of his birthday cake!

So there it is.  Expect to hear from me tomorrow and please, although I feel like I am regularly blogging that I have fallen off track, please don't give up on me!


  1. Amanda you silly girl, we would NEVER give up on you!!! Thank you for your honesty- it is the only to change things (Like Dr. Jaime says...)

  2. We have your back always Amanda! You can do it :-) Welcome back, time to kill it!