Saturday, March 17, 2012

saturday 3/17 happy St Patty's Day

great job all!! sounds like everyone is really doing well!! cant wait to see everybody thursday!
12.4 done yesterday- surprised my self and did 150 wall balls rx and 33 double unders!! Inmagine that!!! 33!! i was shooting for 1! but got done with the wall balls with almost three minutes to spare couldnt believe it! and then puked! yep had to run outside!! havent gone there in a while! felt good!!
diet: always could be better! need to dial in but just cant!
sleep good!
drink water
stress: normal: busy as always!
wod: mon tues friday took wed and thursd off def needed it and today and tomorrow! back on Monday!
hows was everybodys 2nd meeting with Jay? Maria's went awesoem- you go girl!!
any body hear from Yadi on her challenge this weekend right?
going to be up and at CFM at 6:00 am tomorrow! hence why this irish woman is not out having fun!

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  1. Great job on the WOD! Sounds like you surprise yourself EVERY week!!!