Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Amanda VF first half of traveling week done

Hi guys. So I just finished reading Maria's blog about Dr. Jaime. I haven't met with her but I'm sure she'll call me out for the same thing! (maybe she's reading this now!). I never blog when I have a bad day and sometimes I don't put all the bad stuff when I do blog. I'm afraid that I'm not doing as well or as strict as everyone else and it makes me look bad when I screw up. But, Maria's right, that's the whole point of blogging. So that's why I'm here. I literally just got home from a day of trial strategy in NYC. I got home last night from Georgia abou 11pm after 3 days of pre-prepared meals. I don't actually remember everything I ate while I was there but it wasn't all bad and it wasn't all good. I'd say 60/40. I did have pizza and I did have a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast as there were no other options. And I did eat a half of a chocolate chip cookie. But no Diet Coke! Despite the fact that I flew into Atlanta where it is literally everywhere and at the conference they had those great little glass bottles of Diet Coke, I was able to walk by. It was soooo hard to do, but I did it. I had too many carbs and sweets over the last 4 days so tomorrow is a reset. Then I'm off to St. Louis for a girls weekend on Friday. That is going to be tough. Another thing is that I've literally done one WODin the last 10 days and it was 12.2. Tomorrow night will be the only day this week I can do a WOD. I don't think I'm going to be able to do 12.3 since I'm in STL and I'm really disappointed. Next week, back to 5 days as both my husband and I will be home. Thanks for everyone's support. Like Maria, look to hear from me more. Night.


  1. Keep blogging! Things will get better. Try to not eat the things you crave (diet coke, carbs, sweets, etc) for 2 full weeks. Your taste buds will begin to change and you won't miss those things as much. But the first 2 weeks are crucial. You'll feel like you're going through withdrawal, but it'll be for the best!

  2. I keep sugarless gum around at all times! I sent you a mesg on FB..

  3. Nice job Amanda...I can tell you chances are I would have grabbed a diet coke it has been the thorn in my side through these first two months. Traveling is tough. When I was on vacation last week I was no where perfect, but I found myself just making better choices that I would have in past years. Keep up the great effort!