Monday, March 5, 2012

Amanda M...Day 43

Sleep: Slept great, although I went to bed a bit too late...11-6:30

Breakfast- scrambled eggs with side of bacon
Snack- red peppers
Lunch- 5 slices of turkey, 2 slices of ham (lunch meat) with some guacamole, side of carrots
Dinner- Chicken with sauteed onion, garlic, shredded sweet potato and zucchini
Dessert- paleo cake in a cup (no idea, but I was seriously craving chocolate tonight)

4x amrap DL @ 155# 11/10/10/10
4 x 20 pushups
4x amrap Push press @ 95 8/7/6/5
4x 40 sec amrap T2B...didnt keep track. Grip was really bad tonight...its about that time to file the callouses! (so gross to say lol)

Feeling a new spark with this whole journey...usually around this time I fizzle out and get back into bad habits. This group is really like being in a daily AA meeting or something lol I didn't think it would be this helpful but it really is. Its not only helpful to get the support, but it also feels great to give it as well. Keep up the great work everyone :-)

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