Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday... Back on my grind

Egg whites; 1/2 stuffed pepper
Paleo "spaghetti" & meatballs
1/2 stuffed pepper
Apple & almond butter
Spinach salad with black beans, tomatoes, and chicken; bowl of peas & Lima beans

WOD: Bench Press 3 reps @ 95 lbs, 20 ring rows; 7 mins of HPC @ 95 lbs (felt ridiculously heavy!)
Ran 10k in 55 mins (8:55 min pace)

My new goal is to train for a marathon. I want to run one in Newport in October. I've been on my two-a-day workouts, a WOD & run. Last week, I ran a total of 26 miles! I gotta keep this up!


  1. 26 miles WOW- good for you Morgan! I need to run more...

  2. Good job Smoke! I think I'm going to start running with you, maybe I'll get to be as fast as you...probably not though!

  3. Thanks guys! Nitro, you def should. I run right by your house.

  4. thats great!@!!! hal hignon? has a grerat book that my husband trained with when he was training for the marathon and did great with it!