Saturday, March 17, 2012

Maria Week 8 Day 6

Went to bed around 10pm- did not sleep well, I am fighting a cold, so I was congested and coughing most of the night. Up at 6:15am nervous about doing WOD 12.4 feeling sick with no sleep. 
7am -WOD 12.4 240 reps which is the SAME score I got for WOD 12.3.  I am going to play this number in the lottery!

11am- paleo stuffed pepper (3 oz ground turkey breast and chicken sausage, carrot, celery, onion, crushed tomato), 1 C yellow squash.

3pm- 3 oz brazilian curry chicken (from Paleomg), mixed veggies (broccoli, caul, squash, carrots), cucumber and grape tomato.

6pm- corned beef (unmeasured maybe 6 oz), carrots, cabbage.

We went out to dinner and they had this chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (YIKES- I was sweating and breathing heavily).  Everyone around me was eating it, but I just looked away.   I feel soooo good being able to tell you that!  I didn't eat enough today- it seems like I am either at one extreme or the other- eating too much or too little.  I am working on getting it right!

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