Saturday, March 10, 2012

Amanda M...Day 48

Went to bed at 1130, woke up at 630 for the 7 am workout haha what can I say, I don't take long getting ready in the morning.

Ugh, today was bad. I was craving sugar HARDCORE. Its as if my body knew I'd be surrounded by sweets all day. I had a 9 hour shift at the bakery and it was dead and I forgot my book. That is never NEVER a good mix. I had a brownie, a piece of banana bread, and I took home a cupcake to have for dessert. Other than that, it was eggs and sausage for breakfast, beef jerky at the bakery, and a turkey burger for dinner. I really wanted a whole shit ton of pasta when I got home, and had my hand on the box getting ready to open it but I didnt. Thank god...I feel crappy enough as it is from all the sugar. My head is pounding! Awful awful stuff!

12.3....7 rounds, 15 box jumps and 4 push press.
Box jumps were modified--still terrified of these damn things.
Push Press were RX at 75#..didnt have a problem with these
Toes to Bar- I did knee raises. I can get my legs up there (tried for the first time Friday night and surprised myself) but knew I wouldnt be able to do a whole WOD with it. I'm too tall, its unfair ;-)

Awesome job to Nitro...almost 8 rounds RX! Maria was there today too but I didnt get a chance to see how she did but I'm sure she killed it :-) Great work guys!

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  1. That took major restraint to not eat the pasta! Great job, and IMPRESSIVE with the WOD!