Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 42

Sorry I haven't been on top of the blogging is pretty crazy and busy right now. Since this blog is all about being open and laying it all out there I will discuss something no holds barred. I did the Games WOD yesterday and finished with 61 reps well short of my goal...I mean really short. I'm not one to sit around and dwell on a bad WOD but there's something about this specific one that is really pissing me off. I had really high expectations and after practice on Thursday I felt good about the WOD. When it became game time I just didn't perform. The weight was heavy, I was fatigued, I just couldn't get there. Now I'm not making excuses, I did the best I could but I'm just ├╝ber disappointed in my performance! Can I move forward, of course...I already have. I immediately called my strength coach when I arrived home from the WOD and my only focus when we meet at the end of the month will be Olympic lifts. There is some good that came from this, I know I never want to feel that disappointment I felt after that WOD ever again. NEVER! That alone is going to give me the drive to succeed! I had a couple well deserved cheats over the was a meal, the other a dessert. What they were is insignificant but without those stupid cheats I'd loose my mind and would be really nasty and short tempered.

WOD: I attempted a 5k run today but my body wasn't cooperating. I got 8 minutes in and I was hurting almost everywhere. I thought once I got moving I'd loosen up and I'd be fine...I was wrong. So I took a short cut back home and ended the run early. It is what it is. I guess the Games WOD owned my more then I thought.

Breakfast: 1 black coffee, 1 tall water, 1 Vitacoco 8oz of Tilapia w/grilled summer squash, broccoli and onion
Snack 1: 3-4oz piece of Venison
Lunch 1: Ground turkey meat sauce over 1 serving of green beans
Snack 2: some celery/cucumber/yellow bell pepper
Lunch 2: 6-8oz Venison steak over baby spinach salad w/balsamic vinegrette
Snack 3: 1 serving of raw almonds
Snack 4: some celery/cucumber/yellow bell pepper
Dinner 1: 8oz of Tilapia w/grilled summer squash, broccoli and onion
Dinner 2: 8oz of Tilapia w/1 serving of green beans

P.S. Girl scout cookies arrived today. They are everywhere. I'm going to eat my fill one time tonight and I'm giving the rest away and I'm not ashamed to say it. Peanut butter tagalongs and all!


  1. We all have those days/WODs...glad you were able to accept it for how it was and moved on.

    Hope you enjoyed your cheats! Eat a cookie or 5 for me. I didnt order any because I wouldnt be able to give them away like that haha

  2. my trunk is full of those dan things wont bring them inthe house!! lol! head up nitro look at all the amazing stuff you have done over the past weeks!! Even though you didnt hit your goal- your still in the gams and thats what counts!

  3. I love your honestly, I just posted about being honest. That feeling SUCKS (after that WOD, I have been there, but you have made a lot of changes in your diet recently AND we really don't work on snatches that much in the gym. I am sure you will be SMASHING the next 4 WODS!

  4. that is HONESTY not honestly LOL..

  5. Keep going strong ...your doing great!