Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day Fiddy Tew...

My bad again for not posting in a while.  I feel so so terrible but things are just crazy.  I promised A-Bomb I would blog tonight so here we go.  12.3 was ok, I wish I had done it twice.  Finished with 7+23, anything besides T2B and I would've crushed that WOD.  12.4 is going to really kill me.  I can't get muscle ups still.  Maybe this is when I finally get them when it counts...we'll see.  My diet has been good still, again had some cheats over the weekend and might have had too many adult Koolaids but I can't go out this weekend.  I'm taking the CrossFit Level 1 coaching cert. at CFM all weekend and I'm pretty pumped.  I can't wait to learn alot more about everything...I want to get as much education out of this as possible.  Plus one of the WODs is Fran and I've been waiting a LONG time to meet her.  OH YEAH!!!  Also came clean today with Coach that I'm injured and I'm pretty much telling you all for the first time as well.  My wrists are both hurting bad.  And I'm not sissy, I have an extremely high tolerance for pain but I'm in trouble.  Coach and I both know and agree I need to take a break and let them rest.  As soon as sectionals are over I'm done for a week or two if needed.  It's perfect timing because I want to take the Neera Cleanse that Coach mentioned on the CFM blog about a month ago.  You can't do anything for 5-7 days, just take it easy.  It's supposed to be a really good cleanse for the gut and a fantastic detox...looks like I'll be the guinea pig! 

WOD: 10 min stretch
           10 min warm up
           30 min aerodyn
           10 min stretch

Breakfest:  6oz of ground turkey meat sauce, 1 black coffee, 1 tall water
Lunch 1:  8oz broiled Tilapia over baby spinach w/balsamic vinegar
Snack 1: 3 sticks of celery and 2 tbsp of almond butter
Lunch 2: 8oz of smoked corned beef  (which I made on my smoker, smoked for 12 hrs), 1 serving cabbage
Dinner 1: 8oz broiled Tilapia w/grilled Brussels sprouts, 1 VitaCoco
Dinner 2: 8oz broiled Tilapia w/grilled mixed veggies (summer squash, yellow onion, broccoli)
Snack 3: 6oz ground turkey and sauteed garlic and red onion w/mini tomatoes and sliced black olives
Snack 4: 4oz broiled Tilapia w/1 serving of cashews...LOL
Yes I had Tilapia 4 times today!


  1. There you are! So jealous you are taking the cert this weekend...I have wanted to do it since forever. Definitely saving up for it!

    As for your wrist, hope it heels fast! Let us know how that detox is. I looked into it but am too chicken to try it lol

  2. You are going to turn into a tilapia!!! I had it today too! Don't forget to take fish oil to help with inflammation, and how awesome are you taking the cert this weekend! You will be a great coach.

    Food looks SOLID