Monday, March 19, 2012

3/19....James P

Sorry I didnt post all weekend was busy painting guest bedroom and starting to get the babies room ready. Didn't go out st patricks day, but the wife and I did order a small pizza and naptolana salad from armalinos def my cheat of the weekend. Sunday grabbed a salad from wholefoods for lunch and then went out to dinner for my wifes birthday I had short ribs, veggies and we split crem brule. I also had two beers. Dinner both nights were pretty much bad, but I hate great during the days. Back on track today.

Sleep: horrible last night. combination of a few drinks and that desert I am sure did it. It's so weird how I recognize flaws in my diet and what it does to my body. All these years I never really paid attention just shoveled it in my mouth. Poor eating effecting my sleep, not getting up for a 6:30am wod, and a long day in the office. Not that I hate horrible, but the combination of gluten sat with pizza, two beers on Sunday night, and sugar I totally saw a difference.

Stress: feeling good, but little mad I took two cheat meals this weekend. Thank god this isnt going to be a habit it is only going to hold me back from my goals

8am: Shake
9am: decaf coffee
10am: chicken meatballs and 1/2 avacado
12:15is spinich, bell pepper, cucumber, grilled chicken. Small chicken chili
3pm: cucumbers, and carrotts
6:30pm: 5oz pork chop, asparagus, orange bell pepper

water, water, and more water.

Hope everyone is well see you all Thursday.


  1. still moving in the right direction!!!

  2. Dude trust needed those cheat meals. Over the weekend the seminar trainers mentioned that they follow an 80/20 ratio on clean eating to cheating...I was shocked! So if you can stick to 90/10 clean eating to cheating you're doing a great job! Keep it up!!!

  3. I have that all or nothing thinking too James, that is why I a SO glad that we are in this for an entire year! Special occasions are a part of life, it is getting back on track right that's the tough part. Let it go and move on...