Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Maria Week 7 Day 2

Went to bed after 11pm, woke up at 4:45a.m.5:30 WOD- I sucked ass today, I just wasn't into it and I know it was because I didn't sleep enough.  I am worried because my double under mojo is missing!  I KNOW that there are going to be DU in the comp WOD sooner or later!

8am-paleo pumkin muffins (pumpkin, egg white, coconut flour)
10am- 1 1/2 oz salmon, 2 C Raw Kale, 1/4 tsp fish oil
2pm- 3 oz whiting fish, 2 C asparagus, 1 tsp fish oil, large pickle
4:25pm- 3 oz whiting fish, 3 C combined broccoli and yellow squash, 1 tsp olive oil
6:30pm- chicken enchilada stew (from paleomg SOOO GOOOOD)- didn't measure portion

Okay, I did it again, while I was making my meals for tomorrow, I kept picking on food- chicken mostly.  It would be great if I could just LEAVE the kitchen.  If I make my meals in the morning I know I will not pick (I only do it at night, I don't know why) but I would be so late to work and there is no way to get up earlier than I do (I get up at 4:45am as it is).  I just might have to make my meals in the morning as AFAP (like a crossfit WOD)...

Low stress today, just feeling the effects of not sleeping enough

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