Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 64

So this weekend I sort of celebrated my birthday.  Was kind of forced into it but that's fine...I love everyone that surrounded me.  Saturday night I cheated, had a Lobster roll at Knapp's Landing (only ate half the bread and subbed a side salad for the fries...surprisingly) and some apps. that were fried then I crushed Funny Bone cake that Sam Rajachack made me cause she knows it's my fav.  Sunday I again had a couple cheat meals, had a deluxe burger from Stonebridge (delicious I might add even though I didn't finish cause my tummy was aching) and for dinner I had Shepard's Pie with double meat from Plan was this also surprisingly good.  Then I had the rest of the left over Funny Bone was amazing.  Ok so back to the diet today and I killed it.  I realized I had thawed out ground turkey and Salmon (enough for today and tomorrow) so I didn't start the Neera Cleanse yet.  I will start on Wednesday and go until Sunday/Monday.  Also wrist pain is out of control.  It hurts doing anything now...writing, typing, opening my jar of almond butter, rolling down the window in my truck...this is just stupid!!!  I've been doing everything Dr. Keith told me to do since Thursday and I swear it's still getting worse.  I also ran a 5K tonight in 38 degree wind gusts...I needed to do something and since running doesn't require me to use my hands/wrists I got after it.  My time was slow as shit...HAHA!!!

Breakfest:  about 4oz of smoked Cedar Plank Salmon and some beef Jerky, black coffee, tall water
Lunch1:  9oz of smoked Cedar Plank Salmon over a baby spinach salad with cuc, red bell pepper and balsamic
Snack 1:  some yellow bell pepper
Lunch 2:  ground turkey w/sauteed garlic and red onion w/diced mini tomatoes, sliced black olives over chopped summer never gets old
Snack 2: 1 serving of raw almonds
Dinner 1: 9oz of smoked Cedar Plank Salmon over a baby spinach salad with cuc, red bell pepper and balsamic
Snack 3:  1 avocado
Dinner 2:  Some more Cedar Plank Salmon, couple pieces of beef jerky and some stuff TBD!

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  1. i sent you his nukber!! hope you feel netter and happy birthday(belated)