Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amanda M...Day 39

Sleep: Slept solid, like always. Things at work are starting to get better now that I am all settled into my new position! Definitely a lot less thinking going on when I'm trying to fall asleep

Food: The usual...although I did take a small handful of chocolate chips to my face tonight while I was cooking my chicken and sauteed veggies for dinner. Just needed a little harm done :-) Like Nitro says, its okay to cheat once in a while! I would have eaten some of my 'paleo' chocolate chips from WF but they are too expensive to blow on such a small craving haha

WOD: Damn these Thursday WODs are ass kickers. Used 35# db for the push press, kept a steady pace for the burpees and rowed 1150 and 1128 on the 5 min rowing part. Been working on my row form, its amazing how much better you do when you do things correctly lol

Forcing myself to take tomorrow off so I can rest up for the big 12.2 snatch shit fest. Been seeing a few people struggle with the weight but I seem to do pretty well with anything dealing with the hips (aka olympic lifts) What can I say, I was born for breeding...but until then, I'll use my obnoxiously wide (and strong? is that a thing?) hips to throw up some big numbers

Tomorrow is my big 2 yr anniversary for my healthy lifestyle process. Will write more about it then :-)

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  1. Yeah! Two years awesome! And well be cheering you on as you throw up those "heavy things" as my girls call them!