Sunday, March 11, 2012

Amanda M...Day 49

Sleep: After work yesterday, I came home and did absolutely nothing all night and it was glorious. Went to bed at 1am and slept in til 10

No workout today...went Mon-Sat so today was a mandatory rest day lol

It was my grandma's birthday party today...for food there was fruit salad, ham, egg bake, twice baked potatoes (sour cream and cheese), blueberry french toast, cinnamon rolls, reeses pie, cheesecake, pastries and so much more. It was TORTURE!! I had a bowl of fruit salad, two pieces of ham and some of the egg bake (had peppers and sausage in it) For dessert I steered clear of the heavy stuff and had some of my Aunt's low fat pudding/fruit/pound cake layer thing. For dinner I had a salad from stop n shop

Went shopping for workout clothes today since everyone has told me to get rid of the baggy clothes! lol I bought a few new tops but for pants...I just cant bring myself to wear those tight yoga type ones. I HATE my thighs...I'd rather wear shorts, is that weird? lol So I'll stick to my loose fitting pants until I'm happier with these ol legs of mine.


  1. I have issues with my legs too, but you willl most likely NOT be seeing me in a pair of shorts! Although I would LOVE to be able to wear shorts to the gym this summer!

  2. yay shopping!! thats fun!! and good job with all the temptation!and i dont care what my legs look like i am wearing shorts lol!! -could never work out in pants for some reason!