Sunday, March 11, 2012

Maria Week 7 Day 6

Went to bed at 9:30pm, woke up at 6am.  Woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night, but was able to get back to sleep.

6:30am- 1/2 C egg substitute, 2 slices uncured bacon, 1 oz avocado, 2 blackberries

7:00am- WOD 12.3- 6 rounds + 24 reps Rx.  I don't know if that is good, bad or whatever, all I know is that I did my best.  I could not have done it any faster.

8:45am- taught a step class

10:30am- 1 scoop Hydro Whey Protein Powder

3pm- 3 oz tilapia, 2 C homemade veggie soup, 1 tsp fish oil

6:45pm- lots of cooked cabbage, collard greens, onions.

9pm- Dinner out- swordfish ( I ate half of it probably about 3 oz), steamed broccoli, salad bar (greens and veggies and I added some egg, walnuts, bacon bits), olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Did not drink enough water today.  Had ANOTHER b-day party with pizza and cake in my face, and my son kept handing me the crust because he didn't want it.  I had that nice, soft dough right in my hands and THREW IT IN THE GARBAGE.  So hard for me!  He also had a piece of cake with LOTS of frosting ( I LOVE FROSTING)- I didn't touch it.

3 competition WODS down, 3 more to go!

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