Thursday, March 29, 2012

Amanda M...Day 67

Sleep: Normal

Stress: a new add-on to my is going to be nuts. I have to go in 2 hours early tomorrow, and on Saturday I have to work my one job from 7am-930am then rush to my bakery job from 10-7. Going to be a long weekend. PLUS! I have to house/dog sit...and Scrappy-Do is a pitbull/lab much energy!

Haven't been eating enough this week but I havent had time to prepare, nor am I in the mood to care this week. Burger for breakfast...salad for both lunch and dinner

Got up to 135 on the back squat..."ran" like an ox, as usual.

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  1. Amanda- Thanks for the words of encouragement! I like that "shark week" reference. Hits the nail on the head. Just keepin' it real boys! You are doing so great!