Monday, February 27, 2012

MOnday- another week gone down!

so added some more insanity upon the insanity we already have.... looking at my calendar and if i make it throught he next two months it will be a small miracle!!!
meals: 7:30 waffles
8:30 fruit and nut bar hungry because i ate crap for breakfast.. yes i know this but cant seem to figure breakfast out!
10:00- nuts
11:00 paleo chili
2:00 turkey/ ham
3:00 egg
5:30 spinach greens tomato cucumber salad and turkey meat meatloaf/ glutn free bread crumbs
drinks :water
sleep: good from about 10:00-6:30ish
stress: just busy!
excited that the Civilian military co founders are coming down to throw down with us either this or next weekend! thats hould be fun!!


  1. Keep moving forward KJ, you're doing good. Civilian guys gonna do the WOD on Saturday at 9am? I can't ever make!!!

  2. There are great recipes for breakfast 'muffins'...complete with eggs, chorizo, and veggies. You make them in muffin tins and just nuke them in the morning in the micro and you're all set.

  3. nice! Nitro they are coming on March 24th to the 9 am! confirmed today!