Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fran X2

I am gonna kick her ass when I meet her!!! wasnt sure I had a sub 4 minute Fran so I decided to do the 18, 12, 6 reps the first round with 45 and ring rows but i finished in 245- little fast so i did 21, 15, 9, secind round and lowered myself on the ring rows- holy sihit the difference 9 reps makes!! 3:45 second round!!!
meals: 7:30 oatmesl
8:00 fruit and nut bar
11:00 paleo chili
came home and did work so forgot about my second lunch i should have ate
5:30 pork chops, salad and mixed veggies
drinks: water
stress: no place to go tonight so all is good!
Civiliam Military combine are coming March 24 for 12.5. they will throw down with us at 9 and stay fro the bbq after!! Keep up the great work everybody!


  1. The 7am-ers dont get free food or new eye candy....no fair!

  2. lol! well then come to 9 with me!!