Sunday, February 26, 2012

Amanda M...Day 34&35

Ooooh the weekend, when will I learn my lesson?

Sat: 7am WOD followed by 7 hour shift followed by a girls night out in Stamford. Long ass day!
7 min burpees: 56...not at all happy with the number but also not at all interested in doing it again.
7 db clean/situps/DU: 5 or 6 rounds, 30# for the cleans
3 min amrap KB swings: 35# didnt count, but knocked them out full overhead no problem

Food: ate clean all day and then 10 pm hit...had a few drinks but danced it off. I even flexed for one of the bouncers at the bar I was at and he seemed genuinely impressed and even squeezed at my bicep. He then asked me to be his bodyguard....strange night lol

Sun: Recovery day. Chipotle and stop and shop salad...its a sunday tradition with my roommate and luckily its a tradition that isn't crazy off course. I almost picked up a package of cannolis from the bakery at stop n shop...made it to the register, took a minute, and proudly walked them to where they belonged...back to the shelf.

Had an epiphany this weekend about this whole process. Will write more about it tomorrow, stay tuned.


  1. OOOOH WOW!!! You put the cannolis back??? THat must have been SO HARD! I am really proud of you!

  2. thats cause i was watching you!! lol!!!