Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Amanda M...Day 37

Sleep: Took some effort to fall asleep but once I did, I slept straight through

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with turkey and ham and broccoli
Snack: peppers
Lunch: spinach salad with tuna
Snack: plantain chips with guac
Dinner: chicken with shredded zucchini and sweet potato sauteed with some onions.

Thrusters: 3x5 @ 95#. Thrusters are getting easier for me and I may actually enjoy them (until my wrists start hurting of course)
Fran x2...65# and subbed in ring rows. Class was huge, would have loved to try the jumping pull-ups. Barely even had room to do my rows without worrying about getting knocked in the head!

I thought my legs would be smoked way more than they were, so I opted for an 800m run afterwards and Morgan decided to come along! Was fun chatting with you between my gasps for air haha man, I really need to get better at running...

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  1. The run was great! I'm impressed you wanted to run after Fran x2. That's determination right there :)