Sunday, January 29, 2012

Maria Day 7- Week One Down!

Went to bed around 1:30am(went out) and woke up at 7:10am-had to get up and teach a class.
1 C Almond Milk
1 C Kale
1/2 C frozen strawberries

8:30am- 9:25am- taught a step class with weight intervals/skill work- HH snatch and OHS

11:00am- starving
3 oz chicken breast
1C homemade vegetable soup
1 tsp olive oil

3:30pm- hungry
3 oz turkey breast
1 C cooked okra
1 C cooked broccoli
1 tsp olive oil

7:35pm- hungry
4 1/2 oz tilapia
1 C cooked broccoli
2 artichoke hearts

9:10pm- not that hungry, but need more food
1/4 C raw almonds
Sleepytime tea with stevia

Drank water throughout the day, no WOD for me today

So today I had to go to ANOTHER birthday party with pizza and cake, I have to say though that most of the parents at this party skipped the pizza.  Sometimes I think that I am THE ONLY ONE who is not going to be eating, but that is not the case.  I just kept thinking about what I wanted to write in this blog tonight and that was I WALKED AWAY.  You guys are keeping me strong!


  1. Hi Maria, great job girl! Your meals are so clean and healthy. I plan on tuning in daily for a little motivation and healhty meal ideas...Keep up the good work! Lauren

  2. Kale...that's all I had to see. Okra...serious? If you had baby bokchoy in there today you would've hit the trifecta!!! You are doing so awesome Maria...just go!!!