Sunday, January 29, 2012

Amanda M...Day 7

Day 7! What a great day. This is going to make me sound like a major lush but it felt so nice not waking up hungover today haha Saturday nights are usually spent with drinks and dancing but I decided to lighten up on the booze for the sake of this challenge. I woke up refreshed, I cleaned my room, went grocery shopping and cooked for the week. I made some bacon and sweet potato turkey burgers and zucchini brownies. Very excited to have new food items on my menu for the week.

Today food wise wasn't too horrible. I didn't eat until noon and I had chipotle. I count it as my cheat meal of the week but considering what I could have eaten today, I am pretty proud of myself. I had a chicken burrito, with salsa and guacamole. For dinner, I hit up stop n shop's salad bar...spinach, chicken, ham, eggs and onion.

No WOD for me today. Sunday is my only day off from working so I like to take it pretty easy. I really need to start making an effort to get to CFM on Saturdays though.

If you want the recipe for the turkey burgers, check out my blog! It's on the main page...adding the zucchini brownies to my 'recipe' page on my blog as well...check out the tabs to find the section :-)


  1. That's great Amanda! Just keep going! Preping meals is crucial...zucchini brownies??? Who puts zucchini in brownies?

    1. Oh man, you gotta try it. They are delicious! They are so good I almost feel guilty eating them but I have no reason to lol