Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 9.....James P

Sleep: I hit the hay early about 9:30pm up at 5:30am. homeopathic (Energetix- Relax Tone) it makes such a difference in my sleep.

Stress: Medium high. Tough day at the office, but overall I had a lot of energy and felt great even after getting my a## kicked with today's WOD.

Pre WOD 6am: 1 cup coconut water and a few raw almonds. (need suggestions on what I should eat Pre WOD) I usually eat almonds before I head in, but thinking its not enough.

RD1 17 Squat Clean/8 burpee box jumps
RD2 18 /9
RD3 18/8
RD4 30 wall balls(14#), 20 KB swings , 6 thrusters Jay helped me get to 30 again..thanks for the push boss man.
RD5 30 WB, 20 KB, 5 thrustersNot sure on the times per round.

Post WOD: Vanilla Whey mixed with coconut water Drank 20+oz water right after WOD
9:30am: 5 Trader Joe Chicken Meatballs Black decaf coffee Tomorrow hard boiled eggs.
12:15: Spinach salad, with yellow pepper, raw asparagus, and half grilled chicken breast.
1 cup chili (non paleo), but very little beans.
3:00pm: about a cup of carrots and some raw almonds.
Stopped and got a Decaf black Coffee on the way home from work.
7:00pm: Steamed broccoli and Chicken breast had a half a can of diet coke(this has to stop).

If you asked me at 7:20 towards the end of the WOD how I felt my answer would have been "death". My legs were fried my burpee box jumps must have looked really really bad! By 11am I felt like a million bucks. My diet has been off to a pretty good start these first nine days. Not totally there yet, but with the changes I have made I can definitely feel a difference in my energy levels. Still no crazy cravings. Everyone at work, CFM, and my beautiful pregnant wife have been super supportive. Let's keep it going!

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  1. James, I usually eat a little protein, carb, and fat prioe to working out at 5:30am! I can eat dinner food for breakfast, I don't care. For you it woud be something like 2 oz chicken, a few almonds and half an apple- nothing that is going ot make you puke during burpees!