Tuesday, January 31, 2012

AVF first WOD after eye surgery

8:10 breakfast - protein shake and supplements 11:45 lunch - meatball salad, 2 meatballs, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and vinaigrette dressing. 3:40 snack - 1/4 cup blueberries 3 strawberries and handful of almonds 8:30 dinner - pecan crusted chicken broccoli 5:30 WOD First WOD 15/8, 14/8, 13/7 35lb squat clean Second WOD did ball slams instead of wall balls (can't risk something hitting me in the face after eye surgery) 30/4/9, 30/20/10 Changed kb weight for second round because way too heavy for my eyes. Doesn't make sense but I can't do anything that is heavy enough for me to squeeze my eyes. You'd be surprised how often you do it! Water about 40 oz. my first WOD after my surgery and it was a doozie. I admit I was really nervous about how far I should push it only 5 days after but, I think all went well. The biggest problem is because of my hiatus and essentially abusing my body for the last several months, I am completely out of shape and weak. I have to start over. So, now I've started over. No more excuses! My husband is traveling the rest of the week so no WODs for me until Saturday. I'll have to make sure my eating is really clean. Good night!


  1. http://crossfit9.typepad.com/crossfit9_weblog/Travel-WODs.pdf

    My husband is out of town this week too. Luckily we have a pretty good setup. But you can do this. The link above has a bunch of workouts you can do with no equipment. There are many more out there...don't let it slow you down! You got this!

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  2. SO glad you are doing this with us! Don't give up, I know what it feels like to have ot start over. Just be consistent and you will be back in full swing soon!

  3. Welcome back Amanda. Looking forward to your progress!