Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wednesday 10/3 & Thursday 10/4

Wednesday started off with an awesome Wod in the a.m.:

500m row
-rest 90 seconds- (in the saddle)
500m row
-rest 10 minutes-
42 db power snatch @ 30# (alternating)
93 air squats
21 squat thrust chin ups
30 db power snatch
65 air squats
15 squat thrust chin ups
18 db power snatch
42 air squats
9 squat thrust chin ups

I was a little nervous going into it simply because I haven't woded like this in a very, very long time. But yet and still I felt confident going in. After it was all said and done I did well!! As a minor accomplishment as this will sound to many I was able to pull up just a couple of inches from the pull up bar. I was excited because I couldn't even do that much just 6 months ago! So BONUS!
The air squats were a bit brutal as the counts mounted up. My quads were on fire, loved it.
After I was done I just wanted to shower and go to bed I had no energy left. Unfortunately I had to go to work and deal with the high stress energy for the whole day. Mama slept like a baby by 9:30pm.

The wod actually gave me a little boost of confidence for the Garage Games. I still don't know why I signed up. I must be crazy. With all the lifting I've been doing I felt that what little endurance I did have has dissapeared.

Thursday: Rest day, I was thinking about going in but I just couldn't justify going in at 5:30am for mobility. YES, mobility is very important. But I just couldn't do.
No Oly training lately. I miss it, I'm financally on the broke side so I have to wait till I get some more cash coming in. Hope to do it Sunday.

Last wod for the week will be Friday! Lets see what the Mad Scientist will have for us!!

Reminders: Trinity College Oly Meet November 18th.
                    Masters Open in New Jersey. In April. Date has yet to be announced!

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  1. Awesome job on the WOD. It really was a rough workout but felt so amazing. Us crossfitters are insane!

    And great job on the pullup! I can't tell you how often I dream about doing a strict dead hang pull up...