Monday, October 15, 2012

Amanda M... Day 262, 263 & 264

Friday: I took a rest day because I was going to be running the next day. Sprint workout? No thanks on a normal day...but a special hell-fucking-no on the day before a race...

Sat: Hartford 5k!! Had a blast. I really hate myself for signing up for a 5k all the way up until it is over. Then I'm like, fuck yeah! Running! They gave us free bagels and there were tons of vendors handing out free samples so I enjoyed myself and ate some.

Sun: Lots of running store, ikea, grocery shopping, back to apple store (phone is finally fixed--woo!), then home to relax.

Lots of squats today...not sure if I will go to the box or go running instead. Knees are still on the fritz but they feel okay when I run. Squats...not so much...

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