Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Amanda M...Day 253

Sleep: bed at 10:45 up at 5.

Food: clean clean clean!


Walk 1/4 mile
Run 1/2 mile
For 3 miles

500m row, rest 90 sec, 500m row. This was to test our recovery. Did really well. 1:57 and 1:55

Then we did a shit ton of DB snatches, squats and squat thruster chin ups. I could barely keep track of the numbers while I was doing it so its not gonna happen now either. But there was alot..alot alot

Gotta work on my DUs tomorrow because Fri is pretty much the last day I can do it. Gym will be all filled up this weekend

Tomorrow looks good too! Feelin' great...woo!!

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