Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday 10/19

It's a quick and dirty one today. Just the way I like it!

No woding for me since Wednesday. That's ok because I'm going to f*cking murder Garage Games Saturday and Sunday (Positive thoughts here people, work with me I'm scared to death).
Five wods in two days? I think I'll fulfill my wod quota for the week!!

I called out of work today to chill and get my food ready for the next two days AND I have an interview later this afternoon. All of it well worth it I think.

A little worried about Wod two with the friggin 2 mile run. Thanks Jay! NOT!! I'll definitely be the last effin one to get back ;-P
I will post Sunday night about my whole experience. I think it will be interesting no matter if it turns out good or bad. But mostly I feel nervous about it but I truly and deeply believe we will ALL surprise ourselves on our performance during the games. The energy alone brings your performance to another level.



1 comment:

  1. The pharma one looks awesomeeee! OHS too.

    Dont stress about the 2 miles. Just do what you can. EVERYONE who is competeing will be dealing with a weakness.

    I'll be there Sat to cheer you on! You got this girl!

    Hope the interview went well!!