Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday....let's get this over with!!

The wod this morning was cool. My knees and quads were stiff as hell. So instead squatting below parrallel I had to keep it parrallel for the wod.

5 minute amrap
1-5 front squat ladder 110#
-rest 0 sec.-
4 minute amrap
1-3 weighted mixed grip pull up ladder
(modified to ring rows)-rest 0 sec.
3 minute amrap
5-10-15 unbroken double under ladder
(modified to singles)

A couple of modifications had to be done with the pullups and du's. Which is the usual ring rows and singles.

Something that caught my attention ... (again). When we were doing skill work we had to do front squats. Ummm yeah NO ONE wanted to work with me. What gives??? So I shrugged it off and went 70% to 90% of my one RM. Fuck it!! I like to WORK and get it done. If that intimidates some people screw it. I truly have no interest in having a full blown conversation going on around me about how little bobby is doing in school and how little julie's new dress matches her ocean blue eyes. Yeah sorry don't give a f*ck!!
Yikes!! Sorry venting again.

Anyway had a great morning! A little sleepy but I'll wake up eventually. It's Friday. It's a good day.

Have fun everyone!! Laugh alot, Be Silly, Tell Dirty Jokes and flirt alot.


  1. 110 on the front squat?!'ve set the bar for me lol I was only going to RX it! Damn...

    The only people who want to workout with me only do so because they know I'll push them to lift more. Other than that, they are forced because there is no room anywhere else. Last night I worked alone though. I always seem to give off the vibe that I want to. I hate changing weights around, or having to lower the fucking bar cause no one else is my height.

    Sure, I enjoy conversation every once in a while but if rest time is 1 min and you're off across the gym talking to someone and taking too long, then yeah...I get a little moody.

    It happens! we are all there for different reasons--you and I? To work out, get sweaty and get our asses kicked. Some other's...more of a social gathering.

  2. Yeah, I can't come close to lifting what you guys lift WHAT? I'll work with you guys but there will be a lot of changing the weights around!