Monday, October 1, 2012

The towel was almost thrown in...

Hello Everyone,

Well I dragged myself out of bed to go wod early this morning. It was tough, going in on only 4 hours of sleep. I gave it my all. Of course coach Tom was very incouraging and once I was done went home, showered, called out of work and went back to sleep.


10 minute amrap
3 squat cleans Rx 95#
100m run
Total in 10 Minutes: 15 Cleans and 5 runs
pushed hard on the last 4 or so cleans. My knees were screaming for mercy.

Yeah, I went to a group class. I don't think I'm programming for now. I don't think I'm quite built mentally to train by myself. As easy as it sounds to many people to do that, It's a lot more difficult than it sounds to do. For me I've always been the kind of gal that did things on her own. Even before CF I worked out on my own all the time. Never had a workout "buddy". And I was very successful in it. I lost my first 70# doing it. So I definitely gave it all I had. But because my head space now is a bit...(how can I say this) fucked up. I need to be around people and a certain kind of energy. It may sound hokey to many but it's something I've learned a couple times over. If I'm not in a group setting then I need at least a few people working with me and a coach. We don't even have to conversate. I hate talking and having a full out convo when its time to work. Just people working together getting shit done in the gym is good enough for me. I'm kind of at a crossroads again where I need to refocus my energy into other things or (once again) try to find a balance. Though I love CF, I had to back out on a couple of challenge comp opportunities. For some reason were all happening in the month of October. I really want to focus on my Oly training and do well at Trinity in November and any other Oly comps I may have. I'm having fun with it but I'm also taking it very seriously. I would like to do well as I progress.  So that means I have to say no to a  thing or two. But rest assured I will be there cheering on the other competitors and volunteering as well.


  1. Good for you for knowing how to get your needs met and following through with it. AND also for not over committing yourself. My friend once told me, "Too much on your plate = too much on your plate (as in dinner plate)" She was right. I struggle with over committing myself and then I get all resentful and pissed off.

    1. and then I eat (I forgot to add that part in)

  2. I need to workout with others too. I dont like to stand out or be by myself so hiding in the back of the class suites me very well!

    Keep doing what YOU love and makes you happy!