Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amanda M...Day 273

Been getting to bed by 10 the latest and waking up for 6:30...8 hours of sleep feels FANTASTIC. Plus, I am fighting off a cold or something so the extra sleep is helping. My boyfriend stayed the weekend and he had a pretty awful cold. So far, all I have is a nasty cough so I think I made it *knock on wood* I'll take a cough over a runny/stuffy nose any day.

Food: Clean all day...then finished off the pie I bought this weekend. I love baked goods. I should have never bought the damn thing! I knew I was going to annihilate it myself.

5 sets of a heavy single/PR hang power clean
CG bench press
Snatch Grip RDL
30 sec AD sprint

My PR for the HPC was 155lbs and the last time I tried it, it went up easy so I knew I was going to PR last night...I just didnt know it would be by 15lbs! I was going to shoot for 160 and be satisfied if I got it but it was a big class and there were no 2.5lbs anywhere in sight. So I went with 165...missed the first, but got it the second time. This is when Jay came over...told me it went up too easy and to put 5 more lbs on. You don't say no to just doesnt happen! So I borrowed someone's 2.5lbs and tried it...failed. It didnt help that Jay was crouched on the ground with his camera, ready to take a picture. I had stage fright lol I went again...failed. Jay gave me a few words of wisdom. Failed. He said what he had to say and then walked away--I think he thought I had enough. Fuck that, I was going to get it. Once he walked away, the pressure was off. I was on my own. Bar went up and I cleaned it with ease....just to turn around and see Jay, all the coaches, and half of the class watching me do it haha dammit! I dont like an audience. But it fuckin happened! And I was so excited.

It was a great day...a much needed moment of glory.

Yadi name dropped me with her oly coach Gary Valentine and got me the hook up!! I will be workin out with them both next Tuesday. Maybe I can PR again! So excited :-) Jay told me I could easily get 200lbs...let's see if I can prove him right by the end of the year.

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