Sunday, October 7, 2012

Amanda M...Day 256 & 257

This weekend was great. It was relaxing, I cleaned like a MANIAC, avoided really horrible foods. I even had the chance to go out and drink and dance my ass off but I declined because I knew that drinking leads to fast food binging afterwards.

No working out. My knees have really been bothering me so I didnt want to push it. I have the 5k next weekend and dont want to do any damage. It sucks that tomorrow is OHS and wall balls though, I hope it doesn't bother me too bad.

Off to bed! Goodnight all :-)

Oh, btw...down 12lbs so far!!


  1. HEY!! 12 lbs down that's awesome!! jealous. You're making it happen.
    Take some time off with your knees. That's just your body telling you to cool it and recoup.
    And don't forget Cleaning is a workout!!
    GREAT JOB!!!

  2. We missed you too!

  3. AAAAAAA-BOMB!!! Distance running is always hard on my knees, ankles and lower back...I hate it. The running that is!