Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday 10/17

Good Morning Everybody!

All is well in the land of Yadi.

My alarm went off this morning at 4:45 & 5:00 (back up alarm) and guess what I didn't get up to wod. I was extremely tired. Last night (Tuesday 10/16) I went straight to an Oly session, got there about 7pm, changed and started warming up around 7:15pm or so. I didn't leave till 9:30 and didnt get home till after 10pm. LONG day and night. Unfortunately I ate a late dinner. I don't like eating that late but I had no choice and by the time I showered, digested, caught up with mom and stuff I probably didn't fall asleep till Midnight-ish.
Besides 4 rounds of an 800 meter run this morning wasn't going to happen anyway, sorry Jay. Gotta save the knees for this weekends Garage Games.

Last nights Oly session went extremely well. I wasn't in the mood to go because I was just tired from work but I knew I needed and had to go. He had me focus on my Clean and Jerks for the whole session. And I did GREAT! I got 20 out of 20 successful lifts and each one better and better as I went on. Once I got to number 12 or 13 my form was so on point for the Clean that the bar was practically flying past my face with each weight increase. The Jerk portion of it was good but it could be better. Successfully made all my Jerks but I could have gone even deeper with my split. But everything felt great. I think Coach Gary mentioned next time we do C&J we are going to with some more weight. He's very confident that I can handle an increase here and there. No big jumps of course. My next session next week will be all Snatches. Ugghh its my weak lift but its what I have to concentrate on. ;-) I have to give it to Jay he was soooo right when he said I found my thing. I really love this stuff!

A little stressed out with work but I'm trying very hard not to let it consume me. You know the saying "take it day by day"? Well here at this place its "hour by hour". It's that intense, and trust me I'm not even exaggerating about this. I'm girl number 6 in the that office, yes that's right 5 other women have outright quit and 4 other GM's before that. So that should give you an idea of what a circus it is in there. It's ok though I've submitted my resume to so many places in the past 2 days at least ONE person hopefully should call.
It will work out for me. I always make it happen one way or another ;-)

Well off to work, then I gotta get my head shaved later this evening! Haha!

Laters!!! xoxoxox

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  1. So happy for you! If you dont mind my asking, how much is each oly session? Sometimes all I want to do is lift without being rushed or fighting for plates.